Hennizi Da Don proposition 365 and 7 consists of at home in door activities as a music star with the capabilities of any normal star.

Utilizing the social media and technology as it’s driving force, drawing from the sciences of the computer via webcams internet and mobile and various means within those ranges.

It compels the viewers to interact and stay interactive through desktop and mobile and eliminates the hassle

of out and about from the average music star.

Due to tending to personal needs that does not exempt the music stars from participation in musical activities.

It relays the whole purpose of music without being necessarily there to tend to privacy where we all agree every music star deserves.

Hennizi Da Don reserves with concisive standards with totalities of how and why he believes this music proposal extremely deserves a honest chance.

This protects the manners of the music artist and in the wake of developing matters to look after the music artist in there best interest.

With constraints of why should this be done how come it’s done and may it be done it’s necessary nativity resumes within itself.

And with wayward and without wayward and henceforth and furthermore it’s insightful and redemptive it challenges the artists in music to excel to become greater leaders and more accountable as role models.

The levels of how it combines it’s legacy maintains how it is was and why it is observed it’s delect manages it’s level without a aught.

The developments travels in where technology can evolve and always evolve and mandatory evolve where technology takes it’s place as mandrake in society through social media.

Music generates money without specifics and combined with Music Proposition 365 and 7 it takes reins of the gritty issues and tackles down the problems of today.

Quite frankly this is what the modern music industry of today needs royalty rates dramatically increases’

Ranging from synchronity to streams to the adverstising promotion and marketing making it easier.

Streams are only granted by a percentages and royalty rates are only issued by decimals where the music industry needs to equate those numbers then divide profits.

The synchronity is only developed by not by chance but only by design it is what we monitor and transcend which makes hospitable by nature.

I propose they add equations into the formula algebra really wouldn’t hurt the chemistry it shows who has what and what has who.

Social media could attract more exposure without DSP’s that is a rule new to the music industry relaying about views that are autobot views which music distributors have zero tolerance for these days.

Royalty rates should intrigue the music industry giant as well amateur because that determines how a music artist is paid.

Music Proposition 365 and 7 analyzes how and why music is made and should paid whither penniless or priceless.

So enjoy and witness it all in action help us with our pledges and vows to protect the future o the music industry to save the music.

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