Galaxis Introduces AI-Powered Suite to Revolutionize Community Creation for Creators

Zurich, Switzerland, 17th May 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Galaxis, a leading platform for creators in the Web3 space, notable for its partnerships with high-profile figures such as Mike Tyson, Steve Aoki, and the NBA, has announced the upcoming launch of its new AI-powered Community Creator suite, designed to streamline and enhance the community creation process on their Membership Card platform. This initiative is designed to enhance the community creation process for creators by leveraging the latest AI technologies.

AI-Powered Suite: Revolutionizing Community Creation

The suite introduced by Galaxis in the upcoming period revolutionizes the community creation process. This includes the Galaxis Assistant, a tool that aids creators during the ideation and generation process, offering insights and suggestions to enhance projects and make creativity more accessible and efficient.

The assistant also supports creators in designing their membership systems, assisting with determining card benefits, quantities, and more for a seamless operational process. Additionally, the suite incorporates an advanced image generation tool powered by GPT-4o and other models, allowing creators to produce high-quality images and art for their membership cards, thus democratizing the creative process.

“We are excited to introduce our AI-powered suite, which underscores our commitment to supporting and empowering creators,” said Andras, CEO of Galaxis.

“By integrating advanced AI tools, we are not only streamlining the community creation process but also providing creators with the capabilities to produce exceptional work. Our goal is to ensure that every creator can thrive in the Web3 space.”

Please follow the official Galaxis channels for more updates about the AI-powered suite and how it can enhance your creative process.

How It Works

The AI-powered suite offers a simplistic yet powerful approach to community creation:

  • It all starts with a chat interface where creators describe their envisioned community.
  • The suite generates assets like logos and other design materials based on the input.
  • Automatically, the community page is populated with relevant content.
  • The logic behind the membership cards, such as benefits, is generated and set.
  • Creators can keep interacting with the assistant to change all the variables, ensuring everything aligns with their vision.
  • Once satisfied, creators simply publish their page and membership collection, making it accessible to their community.

Galaxis is committed to improving the creator experience, providing customized guidance to meet each creator’s unique needs, all integrated into the platform. It ensures every creator can maximize their potential and achieve their goals. The platform stays ahead of industry trends, constantly developing and integrating advanced AI tools, all accessible and controlled through natural language, making it highly accessible.

About Galaxis

Galaxis is a pioneering platform dedicated to supporting creators in the Web3 space. Known for its innovative tools and partnerships with high-profile figures such as Mike Tyson, Steve Aoki, and the NBA, Galaxis offers a comprehensive suite of resources designed to empower creators and foster community engagement. With a track record of significant success, including over 64,000 ETH traded in secondary markets and over $9 million USD raised through Galaxis Engines, the platform continues to lead the way in the creator movement.

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