My Father Inspires Me / Mi Padre Me Inspira”: A Bilingual (English/Spanish) Celebration of Family, Music, and Cultural Heritage

AQD Entertainment is thrilled to unveil “My Father Inspires Me / Mi Padre Me Inspira,” a bilingual (English/Spanish) masterpiece available in digital, print, and audio formats, penned by the visionary Andrés Quezada. This book is a vibrant celebration of cultural heritage, the unifying power of music, and the enduring strength of family ties.

In a tale that crosses borders and hearts, Andrés Quezada and his children, Nylah Star and Allyn King, share their journey from the vibrant beats of the Dominican Republic to the bustling streets of New York. The story is a beacon of inspiration, showcasing how music serves as a universal language that empowers children to stay motivated and carve out their own destinies

Andrés Quezada remarks, “This book is about more than just music; it’s about the beauty of family, perseverance, and the difference we can make with our gifts regardless of our diversity. ‘My Father Inspires Me / Mi Padre Me Inspira’ aims to inspire young readers to appreciate music, understand the value of family, and embrace cultural differences. I hope it encourages them to find their own voice and follow their dreams, just like Nylah and Allyn.”

 At AQD Entertainment, we are committed to projects that spotlight the brilliance of young minds. “My Father Inspires Me / Mi Padre Me Inspira” is not just a book; it’s a movement. It’s Andrés Quezada’s aspiration to see this work embraced globally, resonating with readers of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures.

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This publication is a clarion call to parents and guardians to nurture the innate greatness within their children, encouraging them to believe in their potential, irrespective of their origins. It’s a testament to the author’s dedication to fostering creativity and self-belief in the next generation.

Join us in this harmonious journey that blends the notes of love, family, and heritage into a symphony that will echo for generations to come. “My Father Inspires Me / Mi Padre Me Inspira” is now available on Amazon and other stores for all to cherish and share.

About the Author

Andrés Quezada is a renowned storyteller and musician, whose passion for cultural narratives and the transformative power of music has culminated in this latest work. His commitment to inspiring children and families is the heartbeat of AQD Entertainment.

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