$480,000 was invested in Fizen.io during the Token Seed Sale Funding Round, bringing the total raised to $1,180,000

Zurich, Switzerland — Fizen.io, a company providing payment solutions for Web3, has completed a token sale funding round, raising 480,000 USDT. This significant milestone aims to enhance the financial capabilities and development of Fizen.io.

Fizen.io offers three main products: Fizen Super App, Fizen Pay, and Fizen Ramp, all designed to optimize the experience of cryptocurrency transactions and payments globally.

The seed funding round, concluded in December 2023, attracted notable attention from the investment community. With active participation from angel investors, especially those with extensive knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Fizen.io successfully raised 480,000 USDT in just one week.

Angel investors not only appreciated Fizen.io’s business model but also provided credibility to the project and its founding team. They are not only investors but also crucial partners, supporting Fizen.io not only financially but also in areas such as marketing and business development.

Since the project’s inception in January 2022, Fizen.io has attracted 700,000 USDT from co-founders and strategic investors such as Sotatek, VNext, Tomochain. The newly raised funds have elevated Fizen.io’s total funding to 1,180,000 USDT.

Leo Vu, CEO and Co-founder of Fizen.io, shared his insights, stating, “We have dedicated two years to focus on building our product and refining our business model. Most blockchain projects lack a clear business model and fail to generate revenue from their operations. This often results in unsustainable businesses that can only survive for a short period within the market cycle. Our approach at Fizen.io is grounded in a very traditional mindset – building a company with a profit-generating business model. Fizen.io can operate based on profits from sales and related payment services. This resilience enables Fizen.io to withstand the market’s ups and downs in the cryptocurrency space. When we ourselves feel confident in Fizen.io’s business model, product, and user base, that’s when we started fundraising through token sales. The initial Seed token sale was executed successfully, receiving much support and appreciation from angel investors.”

With the enhanced resources, Fizen.io will focus on marketing and user growth. The other token fundraising rounds will continue and it is anticipated that Fizen.io’s token ($FIZEN) will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges in Q2, 2024.

This represents a crucial step, marking the strong, secure, and steady development of Fizen.io.

Fizen Super App – a mobile app for buying, holding, and spending cryptocurrencies for many real-life items.

Fizen Pay – software for businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments and exchange to fiat money anywhere in the world.

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