Introducing Abundance DeFi: A Groundbreaking Smart Contract Transforming the Crypto Landscape

Netherlands, 4th Dec 2023, King NewsWireAbundance DeFi, a revolutionary smart contract platform, is set to reshape the crypto industry with its transparent, honest, and sustainable approach. Unlike anything users have experienced before, Abundance DeFi offers a unique opportunity to join a project in its early stages and become part of a community, building the foundation of something unseen before.

Abundance DeFi aims to disrupt the era of “Dashboard millionaires” by providing a platform that is candid, sincere, and built for lasting impact. One of the distinguishing features of Abundance DeFi is its commitment to transparency, removing the veil of anonymity that often shrouds crypto projects. The team behind the project does not hide behind anonymity, and rewards earned are directly paid to participants’ wallets. This level of transparency ensures a trusted and secure environment for users to grow and prosper.

With its token, Abundance DeFi provides unlimited earning potential through team building. The earning structure is designed to benefit participants across multiple levels, with rewards ranging from 39% to 7.5% on the first three levels and up to 76% on the tenth level. Additionally, first- level team members receive Wealth tokens as an additional reward.

Wealth tokens hold significant value within the Abundance DeFi ecosystem as they function as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and provide voting rights to token holders. These tokens can only be obtained by joining Abundance DeFi, as they are exclusively purchased through the Abundance DeFi AUTO-BUY contract, which guarantees liquidity for the community.

Abundance DeFi stands out from other projects by eliminating the concept of team tokens and ensuring equal opportunities for everyone. The project’s founder is treated as a regular member, emphasizing the commitment to fairness and inclusivity.

The appeal of Abundance DeFi lies in its features that empower users. Key highlights include:

  • Direct payment to participants’ wallets from teambuilding earnings
  • No withdraw button on the site to streamline the process
  • Open and transparent codes with no funds stored in the contract
  • No anonymous team members hiding behind the blockchain
  • No owner or developer fees
  • No hidden or monthly costs
  • Packages purchased remain open forever, ensuring continuous benefits
  • Minimum entry at just $2.5 BUSD, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals
  • Maximum entry at $2500 to prevent any concentration of power
  • No manipulation by whales or team tokens, ensuring a fair playing field
  • No limitations on selling the token, which provides utility and fast growth
  • 76% of rewards are directly paid as BUSD commission to participants, ensuring timely and reliable payments
  • 20% of all income goes towards buying Wealth tokens, providing liquidity to the community
  • 4% of income is allocated for marketing, with decisions made by the community

At Abundance DeFi, the focus is on building an ecosystem for and by the community. The absence of owner fees gives members a say in the development and future direction of the project, fostering a strong sense of ownership and participation.

Abundance DeFi, founded by Patrick, also known as #PtcPat, stands as a shining example of resilience and determination. He is a devoted family man and a successful crypto vlogger. Having

gone from being homeless to becoming a respected crypto trader and educator, Patrick’s vision for Abundance DeFi stems from his belief in the power of sharing and teamwork.

To learn more about the vision and offerings of Abundance DeFi, please visit their Medium article here.

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Abundance DeFi is more than a project; it’s a movement driven by individuals passionate about transforming lives through crypto.

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